Sports-Specific Training


Sports-Specific Training is an opportunity for you to work one on one with a Certified Fitness Expert and Exercise Physiologist that will help you create a plan that will enable you to identify, achieve and maintain athletic goals.

Customized Training Plans:


We start our sports conditioning process by meeting with athletes to learn more about their preferred sport, position, goals and history. We work to best understand the specific goals and tangible milestones of each athlete, based on their ideal timeline.

Whether you’re a soccer player looking to improve your foot speed, agility and stamina, a football player looking to build strength and hand-eye-speed, a tennis player looking to improve power, or even a swimmer looking to improve range of motion, we have the trainers and experience to prepare any athlete for any sport.


After meeting with athletes to discuss their sport, position, and goals, we work to match them with the right trainer. The trainer we assign an athlete can be dependent on goals, timeline, preferred learning style or, if the athlete plays a team sport, even position.

The reason we take time to learn about goals and position is because conditioning should be based on your specified strengths and requirements, not just your overall sport. While ‘basketball and football conditioning’ may sound good, the fact is that Shooting Guards train differently than Power Forwards, Offensive Linemen train differently than Running Backs. All of our trainers work with strength and conditioning with certifications and hold titles in PES.


The last step is taking what we work on and implementing it on the field, track, or court. Our athletes consistently leave our trainers with improved power, refined stamina, growth in range of motion, and increased speed. They return to their teams or coaches as an evolved player- a grown athlete.

The last step is winning.

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