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Every Body is Different.



Everything about you is unique. Your physical condition, how you handle stress, and your attitude about exercise. We are here to provide programs that are true to you and follow at your own pace.

Health & Wellness for All Walks of Life

Whether you’re looking to achieve a fitness goal or you’re recuperating from an illness or injury, we conduct comprehensive fitness assessments and build training programs to fit your needs.

What We Have to Offer :


Looking for a customized, motivating fitness program to get you results?  Our trainers are degreed exercise physiologists and nationally certified personal trainers who can create a systematic plan tailored to your needs.


Are you coming out of physical therapy or injury recovery and need a plan to work up to full health?  We work with you and your therapist to bridge the gap between therapy and regular fitness routines.


Looking for personalized attention from a trainer at a lower price point than one-on-one training?  Small group training limits each session to 5 spots so you get the attention you need during your training.


Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer or are you managing cancer treatments?  Learn about our pre, post, and current fitness plans for exercising around illness and helping you feel your best.


Why is group fitness your best choice for staying fit? Group fitness offers a supportive, accountable community, and structured workouts. It makes exercise fun, motivating, and provides guidance, ensuring you stay committed and achieve your fitness goals. 


Are you looking to gain an advantage and perform at your best?  Work one on one with a certified fitness expert and exercise physiologist that will help you create a customized plan to identify, achieve and maintain athletic goals.

Why Spark and Vitality?

Spark and Vitality is a highly specialized wellness destination that integrates whole-person wellness to help you regain the spark and vitality we know your body is capable of. We offer Personal Training, Pilates Reformer and Appartus plus Wellness Living right here in Montgomery County.

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