Personal Training

Personal Training is an opportunity for you to work one on one with a certified fitness expert that will help you create a customized plan that will enable you to identify, achieve and maintain fitness goals.

Whatever your fitness objective is, our personal trainers and exercise physiologists can help you with:
Strength Training
Weight Loss
Health and Vitality
Motivation and Accountability
Flexibility and Mobility
Cardiovascular Health

“Love this place. Jasmin is a fabulous trainer—smart, experienced, intuitive, challenging. Exactly what I was looking for to become stronger and more flexible.”

~Nancy W.
“I’ve been going to Spark and Vitality for over a year, and highly recommend it! I always get a good workout. The flexibility to work with weights, TRX, and pilates is a great plus.”

~Anita M.
“Great place and great staff! As someone who hasn’t worked with a trainer before, I can’t say enough positive things. Each session is always a different set of workouts which makes it both challenging and fun. My trainer listens to my goals and is always encouraging – I look forward to my workouts every week.”

~Shea M.
“My coach is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to figure out how to help me use the correct muscles to improve posture, strength and balance. The time flies when we are working together!”

~Janet T.
“I’ve had exceptional training here with highly knowledgeable trainers who really understand the body. They are very good at working with ones body holistically, working every part of the body with good form and with the core in mind with all movements!”

~Ruth B.
“I have been working with Jen Campbell at Spark and Vitality for about two years. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and pushes you through your comfort zone. The conclusion is newfound strengths and a healthy body!”

~Maria G.
“My forever home! Spark and Vitality has extensive knowledge in training and pilates, actually knows how the body works, has an amazing attitude, is professional, affordable and accessible. I would recommend to anyone – young, old, new or seasoned gym-goer, and any budget.”

~Laureen K.
“The facility offers it all – from Pilates to personal training. It’s a great space with positive energy and a good vibe. Doesn’t matter if you are just starting to work out or have been doing it for years, it always feels comfortable.”

~Pat S.

We Customize Your Training Plan in 3 Easy Steps.

Wellness Consultation

We want to get to know you! So, we’ll invite you to share your wellness history and experiences you’ve had with personal training. This will provide us with a better understanding of who you are, and where you think you want to improve.

What motivates you? Where do you have challenges?

Based on your answers, we’ll complete a full wellness consultation of your current physical standing and note limitations or problem areas. We also think about our trainer’s unique methodologies, your personal learning style, and most importantly, your schedule.

Fitness Assessment

Next, we want to get you on the road to amazing health. We’ll provide you with an overall assessment of where you currently are. Think of it as your own health benchmark.

Once you have goals, you can get to work.

Trainer Match

Now that we have your personal health and wellness goals, we know more about what makes you tick. That means now we can connect you with your trainer. Spark and Vitality trainers are matched to you based upon your needs.

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