What is Pilates Reformer?

Do you want a low impact, full-body workout that strengthens your core, improves your posture, and lengthens your muscles?

The Reformer is the machine that we use to help you work through the exercises. The machine itself can look pretty intimidating, but our clients leverage Reformer sessions to really zero in on specific areas they want to strengthen. It’s also a great way for someone that is recovering from an injury to enjoy a low-impact workout that will not stress the body.

“I have been a client for over 4 years. The space is clean, organized and the equipment is high quality. I love the small group classes, especially for pilates. They are fun and challenging and using the reformer makes it an experience you can’t get at home!”

~Emma W.
“I’ve been going to Spark and Vitality for over a year, and highly recommend it! I always get a good workout. The flexibility to work with weights, TRX, and pilates is a great plus.”

~Anita M.
“I have been working with Jen Campbell at Spark and Vitality for about two years. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and pushes you through your comfort zone. The conclusion is newfound strengths and a healthy body!”

~Maria G.
“My forever home! Spark and Vitality has extensive knowledge in training and pilates, actually knows how the body works, has an amazing attitude, is professional, affordable and accessible. I would recommend to anyone – young, old, new or seasoned gym-goer, and any budget.”

~Laureen K.
“The facility offers it all – from Pilates to personal training. It’s a great space with positive energy and a good vibe. Doesn’t matter if you are just starting to work out or have been doing it for years, it always feels comfortable.”

~Pat S.

How We Develop Your Plan

How Does It Work?

We provide Pilates Reformer training for individuals and small groups no larger than 5. Our instructors will talk with you before your training session to understand the areas you want to isolate or strengthen. Then, they will gently guide you through the movements. You will begin to notice a few things:
Your range of motion will shift
You will notice your breath
You’ll find yourself focusing on that one area that you are working to improve

Think of working with The Pilates Reformer as a gentle way to experience strength training!

Who Should Use Pilates Reformer?

Everyone! Whether you are a beginner, or an athlete. We recommend this training for anyone that is interested in a low-impact core-focused workout, for people that are either new to exercise or are just getting back. Add Pilates Reformer into your wellness plan and give your body a different workout.

Interested in checking out a Pilates Reformer machine? Call or email us here and let’s get you moving!

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